Food Assistance Program

Eligible undergraduate students who have short-term needs, such as during in-semester breaks, and have exhausted other funding options, including all student loan options, may be eligible for meal points. Eligible students need to have a complete 2015-16 financial aid file and may be required to submit additional information, attend a one-on-one financial counseling session to explore additional aid options, and/or develop a spending plan. The Financial Aid and Scholarships Office may monitor the use of additional meal points to help counsel students and improve the program.

Apply here. For more information, visit the program website here.

Bear Pantry

Student parents can also utilize the Bear Pantry, located at University Village in Albany. For more information, email

Tang Center – Nutrition Resources

A variety of nutrition resources can be found here. Below are a few pamphlets related to eating on a budget:

CalFresh Clinics

If you have a work study offer, you are likely qualified for CalFresh (food stamps). Find out more about our clinics here.


Find more information about basic needs security resources at!


Looking for low-budget meal prep ideas using items from the pantry? Check out our recipes here!