UC Berkeley Food Pantry

Battling food insecurity and malnourishment.

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About Us

The UC Berkeley Food Pantry is a direct response to the need among the student and staff population for more resources to fight food insecurity––the lack of nutritious food. With rising fees, textbook costs, and living expenses, it has become increasingly difficult for students to juggle the costs of living with the costs of obtaining a university degree, and thus many students are finding themselves choosing between essentials such as food and the costs of college. The UC Berkeley Food Pantry was established to provide emergency relief to help students and staff at the University of California. It is a part of the campus-wide food security efforts.



Jan 21 – May 10 HOURS:

Monday: 10AM-7:30Pm 🥦🥛🍞

Tuesday: 11:30AM-7:30PM 🥦🥫🥚

Wednesday: 10AM-7:30PM 🥦🍞🥡

Thursday10AM-7:30PM 🥦🍞

Friday: 11:30am-7:30pm 🥦🍞🥫

Saturday: 10AM-2pm

Sunday: 10am-2pm

Location: #68 MLK Student Union (Basement Floor)



🥦= produce, 🥛= Milk, 🍞= Bread
🥫=Shelf items, 🥚= Eggs, 🥡= Prepared Food


Spring 2020 Closures:

President’s Day: feb 17
Spring Break: mar 23 – mar 30


If the main entrance is closed, you may still access the Pantry by taking the elevator inside MLK to level “B” and following the signs!

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* Hours are subject to change. Please follow & check our Facebook page for changes and instructions.