Hello family. This summer, the Food Pantry team is looking to pilot a new mobile application and checkout system, designed to improve the overall user experience of those who use the Pantry as a resource on campus. 

The Food Pantry is a student-run emergency food relief resource dedicated to fighting food insecurity on the UC Berkeley campus. Since our founding, we have been constantly changing and evolving to better meet the needs of our community. Many of the changes we have seen in the past, such as going from the point system to a “take what you need, as often as you need it” basis, have been a result of our village efforts in trying to improve the accessibility, convenience, and efficiency of our Basic Needs systems. 

This summer, in partnership with a group of driven and hardworking UC Berkeley alumni, the Food Pantry will be testing a new checkout system and releasing a mobile application for Android only. This new system will help us increase Pantry visibility, speed up communication with the community, and collect data to inform efficient restocking! In response to interviews with pantry coordinators, volunteers, and most importantly, pantry users, the first release of this app features: 

  • a live inventory
  • push notifications for immediate updates on restocks
  • up-to-date pantry opening hours

While the mobile app will only be available on Android phones for testing, the live inventory can be viewed in a web browser on a phone or computer so that all pantry users can enjoy the benefit of the new inventory system regardless of what phone they use. We are also working hard on getting an iOS app released soon, so stay tuned for updates!

We will launch on Monday, 7/29! As we begin testing the mobile app and checkout system in the summer, we want everyone to be aware that your Pantry visits may be subject to change in the following ways:

  • More detailed checkout procedure (shelf items will require barcode scanning in order to keep an accurate inventory)
  • A few extra minutes to accommodate for checkout changes and the Pantry team becoming familiar with the new system
  • Optional feedback form to tell us any comments or issues you might have with the new system

If you are interested in helping us test and have an Android phone, please contact CalNourish@gmail.com. You’ll receive push notifications and be the first to hear announcements from the Pantry. 

Thank you for your understanding while we work to improve the Food Pantry experience! We appreciate your continued support and encouragement. Visit our live inventory at tinyurl.com/foodpantryapp!