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The Food Pantry Coordinators – Stella Zhu & Ibrahim Ramoul

Stella, from Connecticut and originally, China, is a fourth year at UC Berkeley studying Sociology and Molecular and Cell Biology. Her gender pronouns are she/her. Basic Needs is important to Stella because “every single student should have quality access to the nutritional, housing, and mental health resources to support them on their endeavors and make Berkeley a place of growth and inspiration.” When she needs to affirm, motivate, or inspire herself, she listens to Major Lazer – Powerful. Stella’s guiding quote is “You miss 100% of the shots you don’t take. – Wayne Gretzky” – Michael Scott

Ibrahim, originally from Madrid, Spain, is a senior at UC Berkeley studying Public Health. His gender pronouns are he/him. Basic Needs is important to Ibrahim because “we are all part of a rad community and we should make sure that everyone has access to the resources that allow them to get the best and fullest Berkeley experience; it is about equality and health; it is about success; and it is about happiness and fulfillment.” When he needs to affirm, motivate, or inspire himself, he watches Warhawk Matt Scott in Nike “No Excuses” commercial.

The Food Pantry is operated by student volunteers.

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